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    Need representation on a law sued in Dallas
    does anyone ever used an attorney to defend a law sued

    we sold a house a year ago. now the owner is saying we did not disclosed the sewage had a defect and we did not disclosed.

    need help




    No, I have hired any attorney for this purpose. I have seen my people taking assistance from lawyers when they deal with real estate. The internet is a huge source to find about many lawyers including Bechara Tarabay. I think that it is better to take professional help in real estate transactions.



    I have used Gene DuBose, Esq. (214-675-9022) for D/T, Rel of Lien, etc. and have given him referrals (examples: Contract for Deed gone wrong where underlying note in wrap was about to be headed for foreclosure (remember, DTPA-Deceptive Trade Practices Act now applies)-he defended her brilliantly in Court and moved for trial; also added someone to a class action lawsuit that is against someone (whose initials are K.S. and who is primarily operating in Denton County). I recommend that you tread carefully if you are trying to buy one of his properties and check out the “STOP (his first name)” Facebook page before proceeding.

    Gene knows his stuff – graduated from Harvard (top of class).

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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