Hard Money Lenders

Hard Money Lender

Need Hard Money? We can help! Emerald Dolphin Enterprises, Inc. provides ready access to funds which means you can purchase, repair and resell more properties within your target markets across the DFW Metroplex. With over 35 years of experience, Emerald Dolphin Enterprises, Inc. can help get your deal closed and funded with the fewest hassles possible. If you have any questions regarding our Hard Money program don’t hesitate to contact us below for more information!

Please visit our website at www.emeralddolphinenterprises.com for more information on how the Hard Money process works with Emerald Dolphin Enterprises, Inc.

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3L Finance listens to real estate investors’ needs, learns about their ambitions and locates the best-fitting investment property business loans. Real estate entrepreneurs and investors receive personalized guidance and transact with lenders through the 3L Finance Platform. Effective communication drives our proven ability to close loans.
Whether you are an investor seeking investment property financing, a lender aiming to effectively place capital or a broker actively looking to match borrowers with lenders, 3L Finance is standing by.
Step one: Connect. Speak with us, either by arranging a call that fits your schedule through our online scheduler, or by giving us a call directly. 3L Finance is here to listen.
Step two: Our team follows through and takes the time to learn about your real estate business and operations.
Step three: We locate a customized financing solution and opportunity for you to have a streamlined transaction.
A hello can lead to countless opportunities. Take the first step and connect today. Schedule a phone conversation, give us a call